To Stumble Over Christ


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When we look back, it can be tempting to look at the Jewish community at the time of Jesus and ask why they didn’t respond to him. They had been primed for his arrival for generations. They knew he was coming and yet they missed it. While it can be tempting to think that in their shoes we wouldn’t have done that, and judge them for the failures that they fell victim to, when we look around us now, those failings haven’t gone away. Just like them, we struggle with trying to seem like our relationships are perfect when they aren’t, we struggle with trying to be unique and special at the expense of others, and we struggle with our own ego telling us that if we can’t do it, it must be the next thing to impossible. So how can we learn from this how to follow Christ better? Lets join Curtis as he dives deeper into the second half of Romans 9.

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