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New Life Ministries


New Life Ministries is a church in the west end of Winnipeg. Our purpose is to glorify God by encouraging people to: believe in Jesus Christ, live a responsible Christian lifestyle, and share God’s love and forgiveness in our community.



Glorifying God starts in our relationship with Him. We want to learn from Jesus, to become more like Him.  Therefore, we do things like discussing God’s Word after a Sunday message or share how a piece of scripture has spoken to us recently in our prayer time.

Nurturing Relationships

As a community, we are a mixed bag of social-economic diversity. We learn from each other’s perspective and experience; we walk alongside each other through the difficulties that come into our lives.  New Life is a group of friends following Jesus together.  Therefore, we do things like take time in our Sunday gathering to share and pray for what is concerning to us.  We also get involved with each other’s lives during the week.

Apostolic Mission

We believe that, as followers of Jesus, we are to go into the world (Apostolic means ‘sent’) and bring Jesus to people, rather than expecting people to come to church on their own initiative.  Therefore, we don’t run a lot of programs during the week.  This gives us time to be involved in the lives in the people around us.

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New Life In The Neighbourhood

Connect 2 Voicemail

Connect 2 is a free voicemail and email message service. If you have no phone, how do potential employers contact you? or how do you find an apartment or know about medical appointments?

The solution: Connect2 will provide a phone number for you to give to others. You can retrieve your messages through a public phone, or have them emailed to you.

Nehemiah Housing

We learned early on that housing was a huge concern for many living in our neighbourhood. Finding affordable, safe, clean housing is hard for many.

The solution: New Life Ministry owns the 2 apartment buildings on either side of our church building to provide subsidized, safe clean housing.

New Life As A Community

Sunday Morning

Sunday Mornings are the main gathering time for our church. You can expect a very relaxed group of friends who spend extended time sharing prayer concerns, giving thanks, and talking about the experience of walking with our Father God and our Lord Jesus.


Our sermons include discussion as we seek to apply God’s word to our life. The sermon and the discussion that follows are recorded and edited for our podcast.

More Questions

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