Our Purpose

The purpose of New Life Ministries is to glorify God by encouraging people to:

  • believe in Jesus Christ
  • live a responsible Christian lifestyle
  • share God’s love and forgiveness in our community

In our membership covenant we make with each other, we say:

With the help of and in the strength of the Holy Spirit we will:

WORSHIP – We give first priority to worshipping God for who He is as well as His activity in our world.

GROW – We commit ourselves to grow and to remove hindrances to growth in our personal & corporate lives

WITNESS – We prepare and share testimony of God’s work in our lives, our church and our world.

SERVE – We serve each other and commit ourselves to practical and “behind the scenes” work needed to insure smooth fulfillment of our mandate. We will do it all “as unto the Lord.”

GIVE – We give cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly of our resources (time, talent, money) to the Lord and His work.

CARE – We care for each other in the church, and express care toward the wider community and world.

New Life Ministries currently puts its priorities (Worship, Grow, Witness, Serve, Give, Care) into practice in a few specific and intentional ways:

  • our Sunday morning gathering (our ‘church service’), available in person and live across zoom.
  • low-income housing, called Nehemiah Housing
  • free invisible answering-machine service, called Connect2 Voicemail
  • helping small charities take a step in their ministry with mid-sized grants, called the Property Sales Fund
  • online recordings of our Sunday messages, referred to as our podcasts

We also encourage people to be involved in the lives of their neighbours, friends, coworkers, and families, not with the goal of bringing them to church but instead to bring Jesus and his good news to them. 

We do encourage everyone to have one area where they build into the life and well-being of this local church.  Some examples would be serving with music or leading our Sunday gathering, providing child care, leading a Bible study or prayer group, or maintaining part of our church facility.

Many of our folks are also involved in other community improvement, social improvement organizations and endeavours. 

New Life Ministries was started by the Manitoba Baptist Association of the North American Baptist Churches. In November of 1983, Rev. Harry Lehotsky and his wife Virginia were called from New York City to start laying a foundation for community outreach in the West End of Winnipeg.

The first year involved small bible studies in a home on Ellice Avenue and lots of contact with agencies and organizations in the community. By February 1985, the group had outgrown the house and in 1986 they purchased the building at 514 Maryland Street.

Rev. Lehotsky led New Life Ministries until he passed away in 2006, focusing on justice issues, renewal, and safety in the west end. 

From 1994 until 2009, Rev. Larry Gregan ministered as the associate pastor at New Life.  His gifting in areas of teaching and pastoral counseling was a blessing to our church. 

In 2011, Curtis Halbesma joined us as interim, and then in 2013 became our present pastor. 

For more of the story of Harry Lehotsky and the start of New Life Ministries, please read “The Urban Saint” by Paul H. Boge.

New Life Ministries is part of a fellowship of churches in Manitoba called the Manitoba Baptist Association.  This is part of a continent-wide conference of churches called the North American Baptist Conference.

Here is the statement of faith that this family of churches holds: NAB – Our Beliefs


Curtis Halbesma


Curtis enjoys a good cup of coffee with a buddy, a good adventure in the wilderness, a good piece of music, and a good space movie.

He has worked as a youth pastor, worship director, with organic church planting (house churches), and adjunct faculty at Providence college.

Curtis received his MDiv from Providence Seminary in 1997.

Curtis has been on staff at New Life Ministries since 2011.


Connect 2 & Office Administrator

Jessica is a native to the West End of Winnipeg and has served in various ministries throughout her time as a member of New Life. She graduated with a degree in Conflict Resolution Studies in 2015 and took up her current role at New Life at the beginning of 2020.

She and her husband have been married 11 years and have 3 young children. She enjoys a good fantasy novel and is an avid collector of hobbies.


Norene Funk

Connect 2 Assistant Administrator

Norene has served as vacation relief at New Life for 14 years.  From 2017-2019 she served as the office administrator full time, until her retirement.   Norene continues to serve with Connect 2, particularly at resource fairs and connecting with our agencies.

Norene has been married to Abe for 46 years, has three grown children and five grandchildren.

Leadership Team


Board Chair


Board Member


Board Member




Most frequent questions and answers

We believe Jesus is the incarnation and presence of God with us.  He was sent by the Father God to his own creation, to accomplish the work of saving it from its own corruption, sin, and rebellion. 

He draws people to himself, to offer them life.  For those who are his disciples, he works to transform their life so they become like him in their character and behaviour.  His disciples represent him in the world.

To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus – a follower, an apprentice.  It has nothing to do with one’s nationality or heritage.

Jesus calls people to trust him, and from that trust to obey and follow.  He gives his disciples the Holy Spirit, who enables them to become like Jesus and grows their experience of being connected with God.

A church is a group of people who follow Jesus together. It is not a building, it is not a worship service.  It is a community of people – We stand before God together as a worshipping community.

The church works to help each other.  This might be working through a problem, encouraging and caring, or learning together.

We also serve together to express God’s mission to his world, working to restore various aspects of this planet that are broken.

New Life provides low-income housing, called “Nehemiah Housing.”

We offer a free phone number and invisible answering service, called “Connect 2”

We provide grants to charities, called “Property Sales Fund Grants”

We offer recordings of our Sunday messages, see our podcasts here

New Life does not have regular programs, other than our Sunday morning gathering and the services we offer the community.  We keep our programing commitment low so that people have time and energy to go love their neighbours.

We do encourage people to have prayer partners and to meet regularly to pray.

At times, individuals or a small group of people may offer a specific ministry.  For example, someone may decide to lead a bible study, or a group may get together to work on a project.  These are expression of our unique giftedness and our desire to serve Jesus in a specific way. 

Still Have Questions?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!