What to Expect?

Sunday morning is the main gathering time for our church.  You can expect a very relaxed group of friends who spend extended time sharing prayer concerns, giving thanks, and talking about the experience of walking with our Father God and our Lord Jesus.

Our sermons include discussion as we seek to apply God’s word to our life.  The sermon and the discussion that follows are recorded and edited for our podcast.  To watch our weekly podcast, click here.

What to Expect in Person?

It’s always a bit daunting to enter a place where others know each other and you don’t know what is going to happen.  Here are a few things to help.

  • The service starts at 10:45. People generally start to arrive about 10 minutes before it begins.
  • The service runs until 12:15. After, we often visit over coffee and snacks.

The service is led by a service leader. There is some opening music, a devotional thought, and time where we share prayer requests and pray for each other.  This prayer time is often 30 minutes long.  After another song, we listen to message from the Bible followed with a discussion on how it applies to our life.

  • It is a relaxed space. Coffee is on, tea is available.  Help yourself. 

Our service is broadcast live on zoom for people who cannot make it to the gathering in person.  Zoom allows us to speak to and hear from those folks while the service is happening. 

The sermon and some of the discussion afterwards is recorded for our podcast.  Comments are edited for content and relevancy.  If you would prefer your comments not be included in the recording, please simply mention it to the speaker, a leadership team member, or the sound technician and we will make sure it is removed!

Currently, our child’s programming is limited. But while it is limited we want you to know that we love children and want them to feel welcome!

To help you as a parent, there are activity boxes for children; and we have a table in the back set up for kids to work on. 

There is also a room on the side for parents with very small children, or Moms who would like to feed in private. 

It’s not uncommon for a parent to grab a blanket for the floor and sit with their child while the service happens.

There is parking on Maryland and in our parking lot behind the church. But also note that parking on McGee is a great option; we are right across from the school’s main doors.

We keep our building as scent-free as possible. Some of our people have intense chemical sensitivity.  We want them able to participate without becoming sick.  Therefore, please do not wear perfume, cologne, hair spray, or use strongly scented detergents, soaps, and deodorants.

Online options

We understand that some people aren’t yet comfortable or able to attend in person, if you’d still like to join us on Sunday morning we’d love you to virtually! Just click the button to let us know you’d like to join us Via zoom and we’ll send you the link.

Sermon Podcast Episodes

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