Property Sales Fund Grant

New Life Ministries invested in the redevelopment of Winnipeg’s west end over the years.  After a while, many of these business endeavours were sold to people who could further develop the ventures we started.  As a result, NLM now has money available to support and advance special projects and charities.  This money is dedicated to advancing mission, discipleship, and justice.

The grant money is to provide a “next step” for an organization.  It may be seed money or maintenance money.  It can be for capital or salary or operating costs.  The money is given as a “one time only” donation to special projects.

To apply, please request an application form (message us here, put “Property Sales Fund Grant” in the subject)

You must be a registered charity in Canada to apply for this grant.

As we consider your application, we are asking ourselves questions like the following:

  • Does it fall under mission, discipleship, justice, or some combination thereof?
  • How much money is being requesting? What are other sources of money that are being pursued?
  • What is the organization’s mission and/or purpose?
  • How will this project advance the organization’s mission?
  • How will there be accountability for the use of the money?
  • How will the project affect the neighbourhood it is located in?
  • We are concerned that “free money” can often hurt rather than help people or locations. How does this money help but not harm people?

There is no application deadline.  It takes, on average, three to four months to review an application once it is received.