To Overcome Sin


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How often in life have you fallen out of touch with someone? An acquaintance? A friend? A family member? What about God? As people, unless we actively put in effort to avoid doing so, we have a tendency to forget to touch base, even with those who are most important to us. Our nature pulls us towards what is easiest and takes the least effort. A body at rest stays at rest. This tendency also makes it really easy for us to fall prey to our own sinful behavior. Even when this behavior doesn’t serve us and in the long term hurts us, our natural inclination is to continue because it is easier than doing something different. Without external input, there is no change. God knows this about us, and he wants to help us out of the rut we are in. On top of paying for our sin and allowing us to be saved, Jesus gave us the tools that we need to overcome our sinful nature and stop hurting ourselves. Now we need to put in effort to let him help us. Lets join Curtis as he helps us explore Romans 8

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