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Connect 2 Voicemail

You don’t need a phone to have a phone number

Connect 2 is a free voicemail and email message service. If you have no phone, how do potential employers contact you? Or how do you find an apartment or know about medical appointments? The solution: Connect2 will provide a phone number for you to give to others. You can retrieve your messages through a public phone, or have them emailed to you.

To sign up:
  • visit your closest community agency or the one you are most connected with.
  • use the online signup below if your need your a mailbox urgently.

Check below for a local agency near you.

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      Agency Contact

      If you are an agency that offers Connect2 or is looking to offer Connect2 you can contact us here:

      Get a Mailbox

      If you need a mailbox fast, you can sign up for one right here on our site. Simply click the button to get started!

      Connect2 is generously supported by United Way and the Government of Manitoba.

      Still Have Questions

      If you still have a question of Connect 2 Voicemail or Nehemiah Housing that isn’t covered here please contact us and we’d love to help.

      Nehemiah Housing

      Safe, affordable housing for everyone

      We learned early on that housing was a huge concern for many living in our neighbourhood. For them and many others, safe and clean low-income housing was truly “good news to the poor”.

      We own apartment buildings at 510 and 518 Maryland (on either side of our church building).  Our rents are subsidized by Manitoba Housing so that tenant costs are based on their income (rent-set-to-income).

      Our buildings are managed by Five Stones, Inc. They can be reached at 204(952-2858) or

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