Jesus Prays


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John 17: 1-26

In John 17, we have Jesus’ prayer at the end of his life. Just hours before the crucifixion event begins, what does he pray for? Help to go through the next few days? Ministry plans for his disciples? Needs for those who will struggle? Interestingly, none of these. What Jesus prays for is all about relationships – oneness.

Within that oneness, we also see his grand plan for the world to know to Father. He talks about persecution and temptation, things that might lead his disciples to unfaithfulness. He talks about the need for his disciples to be living examples of his message, so that others will know Jesus spoke the truth.

These are recordings of our Sunday morning messages and some of the discussion that follows. This is the 27th message in our series. Please feel free to use this material with your own circle of believers.

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