A Restoring Fire


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Do you have a memory that stings a little? Something you once did that, although you have been forgiven and the event is over, when you bring it to mind it makes you cringe? “I can’t believe I did that.” Jesus forgives us, but at times he also leans into those moments to release us from their grip. Jesus wants us to be wholeheartedly free to love and serve him. In today’s passage, we see Jesus doing this very thing with Peter. Let’s join Curtis as we look into John chapter 21 and see Jesus reconcile and restore his friend and disciple.

* These podcasts are recordings from our Sunday morning service. As a church, we follow our message by discussing what the Holy Spirit has been drawing us to notice. A portion of this discussion is included. Please feel free to use this material with your own circle of believers. You are also invited to join our service in person or on zoom. We begin at 10:45am Winnipeg time. Please contact our office at nlm1@shaw.ca for the address or zoom link.

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